Two Phase Treatment

Child Phase I Interceptive (Age 6–10)

Modern orthodontic techniques allow our doctors the opportunity to make room for crowded teeth in ways that generally don’t require permanent tooth extractions. You may have noticed that kids are getting braces at younger ages these days, even with baby teeth still present, and you’re right. We start children in braces at earlier ages when we have the opportunity to avoid permanent tooth extractions and surgeries down the road. Permanent tooth extractions in children and adults can often have a negative impact on the facial profile and lip support. In these cases, if we can avoid taking out teeth, it’s a good thing.

Child Phase II Interceptive (Age 12–13)

Phase II usually occurs a number of years later after the completion of Phase I (Interceptive) treatment. We usually wait for the remaining (12–16 additional) permanent teeth to erupt before Phase II begins. In this phase of treatment, which is typically shorter (compared to the average orthodontic treatment time) thanks to the work we've done ahead of time with interceptive orthodontics, we fine-tune alignment to provide patients with a signature Amazing Smile, and create an ideal, functional bite to carry them through life.

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