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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first orthodontic exam for a child by age seven. Of course, children can be seen at an earlier age if their dentist or parent identifies a problem or has some concern before age seven. The benefits of early treatment allow the pediatric orthodontist to use some growth and development modification of the teeth and jaws to achieve results that may be unattainable at a later age. But even if you’re not a kid anymore, you can probably have your teeth straightened and improve your smile as long as the overall health of your teeth, gums and bones will allow it.

During the initial office exam, you will receive a clinical evaluation of your teeth, jaw function and facial structures. The doctor will then inform you of any orthodontic concerns and whether or not treatment is needed.

Same Day Convenience

If Dr. Trulove recommends that you or your child is ready to begin treatment, we always offer same-day convenience and can even get you started that same day towards braces or Invisalign! How easy is that?

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Insurance and Finance

Insurance and Finance

Trulove Orthodontics believes that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Trulove is committed to making sure the cost of treatment is never a barrier between you and your new smile. We offer several flexible payment options, including interest-free financing, and accept most major credit cards and orthodontic insurance. When you schedule your initial consultation, tell us about any existing insurance and we would be happy to check your benefits for you.

Through our partner, OrthoFi, you can pick your own down-payment and set a monthly payment that you’re comfortable with. You can find out more at your initial, complimentary consultation.
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