The complication of braces may be overwhelming for teenagers, given their already difficult schedules and lives. Fortunately, Dr. Tim S. Trulove proudly offers Invisalign Teen® at his Montgomery, AL, practice. This treatment uses the same technology as standard Invisalign® with a few differences to accommodate younger patients. The clear aligner trays are very subtle, making them a great option for teens, who may already be struggling with self-image issues. In addition, the effective treatment can have added benefits for your child’s oral health and overall quality of life. Schedule a consultation today to find out if Invisalign Teen® is right for your child.

Invisalign Teen allows our young patients to experience comfortable, discreet treatment.

An Introduction to Invisalign Teen®

All forms of Invisalign® function using the same basic principles. Dr. Trulove will provide a set of aligner trays made from clear, BPA-free plastic. The trays will be custom-designed using precise digital images of your teen’s teeth. These images will identify how the teeth will shift over time.

Each tray in the series will have a slightly different shape, and will gently push your child’s teeth into new positions. For treatment to be truly effective, your teen should wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, and should switch to a new tray every two weeks. The full course of treatment could take up to two years, which is comparable to the time needed for traditional braces. When your teen has completed their entire series of aligners, they will need to wear a retainer to maintain the results.

What Makes Invisalign Teen® Unique?

The treatment process is the same for standard Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®. However, Invisalign Teen® has a few key differences that makes it stand apart. Since teens are often on the go, it is easy to misplace one or two aligners. Invisalign Teen® comes with up to six free replacement trays, so that your child can maintain treatment without interruption.

Invisalign Teen® offers several advantages over other types of braces. Most importantly, in appropriately selected cases, it can be highly effective and very convenient.” 

Additionally, the trays use a “blue dot” system. After two weeks, the blue dot will appear faded, reminding you and your child that it is time to switch to a new aligner. This system also helps keep your child accountable for wearing the aligner the prescribed amount of time.

Why Choose Invisalign Teen® for Your child?

Invisalign Teen® offers several advantages over other types of braces:

  • The aligner trays are virtually undetectable. This can be especially important if your teen already feels self-conscious, or if they are looking forward to an upcoming event, such as graduation.
  • Your teen can remove the aligners. Your child will have few dietary restrictions, if any, and it will be easier to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Invisalign Teen® involves minimal discomfort. Invisalign® typically places less pressure on teeth than traditional braces. The smooth plastic will not irritate your child’s lips or cheeks.
  • Invisalign Teen® is convenient. It often requires fewer trips to the orthodontist than standard braces. Additionally, if your child is a performer or plays contact sports, Invisalign Teen® can make it easier to engage in these activities.

Most importantly, Invisalign Teen® is highly effective in straightening teeth in appropriately selected cases. Dr. Trulove will carefully determine whether your child is a good candidate for Invisalign Teen®.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Child

Choosing Invisalign® can greatly enhance your teen’s smile, oral health, and self-confidence. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Trulove